PyMeshLab is a Python library that interfaces to MeshLab, the popular open source application for editing and processing large 3D triangle meshes. Python bindings are generated using pybind11.

Filters renaming

Starting from version 2022.2 PyMeshLab filter names have been renamed in order to be more explanatory on the operation they perform. Old filter names have been deprecated and will be removed starting from the next version of PyMeshLab. To automatically rename the filters called in your python script, you can run the following lines:

import pymeshlab
pymeshlab.replace_pymeshlab_filter_names('/path/to/my/') # replace single script

# or
pymeshlab.replace_pymeshlab_filter_names('/path/to/my/dir/') # replace all *.py and *.ipynb scripts in dir


Please, when using this tool, cite:

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