Apply Filter: ParametersΒΆ

This example shows how to pass custom parameters to a given filter.

This script can be executed by running the following command:

pytest --pyargs pymeshlab -k 'apply_filter_parameters'


import pymeshlab

def example_apply_filter_parameters():
    # lines needed to run this specific example
    from . import samples_common
    base_path = samples_common.samples_absolute_path()
    output_path = samples_common.test_output_path()

    # create a new MeshSet
    ms = pymeshlab.MeshSet()

    # apply the filter 'noisy_isosurface', with a resolution parameter of 128
    # the parameter for this filter is an integer. Check the type of each parameter
    # in the Filter List page.
    ms.apply_filter('noisy_isosurface', resolution=128)

    # save the new current mesh created by the filter
    ms.save_current_mesh(output_path + 'noisy_isosurface' + str(128) + '.ply')